Donate My Property

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Why Donate My Property?

Many people own properties that could benefit them far more if they donated the property, rather than keeping it and constantly having to upkeep or pay for maintenance, taxes, liens etc, etc. Do you now own an inherited property? Are you just finishing a probate and have probate Real Estate that must be sold? Or do you just own an unwanted property? Are you driving back and forth to your property, or spending thousands fixing up the place so you can sell it? Or is the property in such bad shape that it can’t sell?

Then you should consider donating your property to our Charity! When you donate your Real Estate, you will not only reduce your tax liability by an amount equal to your property’s appraised value, you will benefit your local community as well.

Donating helps families in need of an affordable place to call home

By leveraging resources, we are able to provide critically needed services to vulnerable populations, including veterans, seniors and the disabled, at less cost to stakeholders and the health care system in general. We have many well deserving Veterans and Elderly who would greatly appreciate your help and generosity! Your donated Real Estate will serve as a source of financial support or housing for folks who really need a helping hand.

By donating your Real Estate, you do not have to worry about selling the property yourself. We take care of everything, so that you are not dealing with low offers, repairs, liability issues, advertising expenses, or the time-consuming process of showing and selling your property.

It’s a Free, Simplified and Smooth Transfer Process. And YOUR DONATION IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE FOR THE APPRAISED VALUE OF THE PROPERTY! We Accept: Houses, Lots, Buildings, Condos, Mobile Homes, Commercial Property, Apartments. We even accept mortgaged property, properties in foreclosure (in certain circumstances) and partial donations of equity.

You can start either by completing the Donation form above, or by calling us at (866) 975-1050