WNW - Youth OutReach

Welcoming local youth to take part in educational, social, cultural, and service-oriented programs.


Homelessness is a composite of conditions/events, such as poverty, changes in residence, schools, and services, loss of possessions, disruptions in social networks, and exposure to extreme hardship.  Yet, mediating just one of these can impact a person’s whole ecological condition.


 Support a shuttle service for job interviews, library visits, medical appointments, tutoring, are just a few services that undoubtedly increase the spiritual and intellectual growth and family unity to the recipients of our services.


Help fund a teen homeless outreach program with counseling and job-training programs. Economically disadvantaged youth and adults must first realize that anything in life is attainable when they first believe in themselves and receive spiritual guidance and support.


Marching Orders

We empower youth to form healthy relationships, make good choices, and develop into compassionate and socially responsible adults who make a positive difference in their community. We address all environmental systems that impact the youth including their home life, peers, and neighborhood environment.

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Our Team

Our non-profit board and volunteers thay work together to bring the vision to reality.

 R Roane

Board Member

Eloisa Clarke

Board Member

Rosa Juarbe

Board Member

McQuain Keir H

Staff / College Lead

Ravin Trinity R

Staff / Teen Lead

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Call or email: [email protected] (866) 975-1050

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